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The Harris- Elmore Fire Department/ EMS Division Announces job openings for the position of:
Part-Time EMT, Advanced EMT, & Paramedic

Minimum Qualifications


  • Completion of high school or possession of a high school equivalency diploma AND
  • One (1) year experience at your current certification AND
  • Current certification in CPR, ACLS(Paramedic), PALS(Paramedic) AND
  • Possess and maintain a valid motor vehicle operator's license and an acceptable driving record as deemed by our townships insurance carrier.


Work duties include but are not limited to: Providing emergency medical assistance at the basic or advanced life support level in conjunction with our department's written medical protocols as prepared by the department's medical director or as ordered by online medical direction as allowed by their individual scope of practice. Employees shall be able to clearly communicate with fellow responders, hospital personnel, or supervisory staff as to the needs of the patient or the needs of the employee. Employees shall test and maintain basic and advanced life support equipment and instruments for proper operation; inventories and restocks drugs and medical supplies; maintains inventory of medical supplies and medications; inspects and cleans ambulances; maintains station, and other duties as assigned.


  • Part-time employees are required to be physically able to carry equipment, assist in lifting patients, assist in extricating patients from various situations, and sometimes endure physically challenging situations. Meeting the physical challenges is important to the safety of yourself, your fellow EMT's and the patients we serve.

  • Part-time employees shall be required to provide and wear their own approved black safety toe boots while on duty. The Harris-Elmore Fire Department/ EMS Division shall issue two (2) uniform shirts upon hire (employees choice of long sleeve or short sleeve), one (1) pair of navy blue EMS style pants, and two (2) navy blue T-Shirts which will be required to be worn by the employee only while on duty for the Harris-Elmore Fire Department/ EMS Division. Additional safety and outerwear will be provided for use only while on duty and may need to be shared among other employees.

  • All part-time employees shall be required to adhere to the Harris-Elmore Fire Department/ EMS Division Medical Protocols, Standard Operating Guidelines, Employee Handbook, Salary Policy, and any other rules and regulations set forth by the Harris-Elmore Fire Department/ EMS Division, Harris Township Trustees, and or the State of Ohio. Part-time employees shall adhere to the Harris- Elmore command structure and be able to operate in a cooperative team like manner with all personnel.

  • Part-time employees shall be required to complete and properly document the completion of daily job duties as assigned when not on emergency calls. Failure to complete daily and assigned job duties and proper documentation shall be grounds for termination. Failure to abide by Medical Protocols, Standard Operating Guidelines, Employee Handbook, or the department command structure will be grounds for employment termination. Disrespectful, abusive, or negligent conduct towards the public, the volunteers, or the command staff shall be grounds for employment termination. Part-time employees must be motivated to complete their assigned tasks on their own without constant and direct supervision.

  • Part- time employees will occasionally be responsible for attending mandatory trainings and updates. These trainings will be posted with as much advanced notice as possible to give all employees a chance to work out any schedule conflicts that would arise from such training. If schedule conflicts are unable to be worked out the employee must make contact with the officer scheduling the training so other arrangements can be made. Failure to regularly attend mandatory trainings or make other arraignments for being unable to attend could result in termination of employment. Part-time employees are welcome to attend and participate in the EMS Division drills and trainings on the second (2nd) and fourth (4th) Mondays of each month.

  • Part-time employees will be required to regularly submit at a minimum of four days of availability each month to be considered an active part-time employee. This does not guarantee the employee the days and hours that where submitted, but shows that they are available and willing to work. Availability must be submitted by the deadline each month to the designated EMS officer overseeing the part-time EMS employees. Failure to regularly submit your availability or minimum availability will be grounds for termination.

Harris Township is an equal opportunity employer and selects the best matched individual for any job based upon job related qualifications, regardless of race, color, creed, sex, national origin, age, handicap or other protected groups under state, federal or local Equal Opportunity Laws.

The Harris- Elmore Fire Department/ EMS Division
Application for Part- Time Employment

All fields must be completed accurately in order to be considered for employment. You may also upload a cover letter and resume (optional), however the application must still be completed.


Current Ohio EMS Education and Training

Check All Additional Credentials Held. You must currently hold an EMT, EMT-Advanced, or Paramedic, and CPR credentials in order to be considered. Provide copies of your certificates (front of the certificate).


Firefighter Certificate


National Registry



Emergency Vehicle Operations Certificate

NIMS Certification

Criminal History

Have you ever been convicted by any court of a felony or misdemeanor? Yes No

Driving History

Do you have a valid State of Ohio Driver License? Yes No

Has your Driver License ever been suspended? Yes No

Have you been involved in any traffic accidents where you were cited? Yes No

Formal Education

EDUCATION: In the space provided below, give a complete record of your education.

Graduate? Yes No

Graduate? Yes No

Employment History

EXPERIENCE: In the space provided below, give a complete record of your employment, beginning with your present or most recent job. Account for all periods in the last seven years, including self-employment and unemployment.

May we contact for a reference? Yes No

May we contact for a reference? Yes No

May we contact for a reference? Yes No

May we contact for a reference? Yes No

Additional Employers:

If there are more than four employers in the last seven years, please provide the additional employer information in one file, uploaded here:


Please provide three references we may contact.


  • Online applications will be submitted to Assistant Chief McGinnis.

  • Applicants will be notified of the time and date of the scheduled interview, in writing or by phone call, to the address or phone number provided on the application.

  • After one (1) year your application will become inactive and you must reapply if you have not been interviewed and still wish to be considered for employment.

  • Applications will continue to be accepted until all positions have been filled.


By clicking the "Submit" button below, you are authorizing the Harris Township Board of Trustees to obtain your online Bureau of Motor Vehicles Record on an annual basis as long as your remain an elected official, employee, and/or volunteer for Harris Township.

With this consent, you understand your BMV record may affect your authorization to operate motor vehicles for the township.


By clicking the "Submit" button below, you are submitting the following statement:

I certify that all information provided herein is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I hereby authorize Harris- Elmore Fire Department/ EMS Division and the Harris Township Trustees to make any investigations of my criminal, motor vehicle, education, and employment histories or any other related affairs as maybe necessary in arriving at an employment decision. I also release all persons from liabilities in responding to inquiries regarding my application. In the event of employment, I understand that upon discovery of false or misleading information in my application or during my employment interview, may result in my discharge. I also understand that I am required to follow all rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and job requirements of Harris- Elmore Fire Department/ EMS Division and that failure to do so may result in discharge.

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